Application for Membership in CFARS

Please download, print, fill out the form, and then get it to the us, either in person at one of our meetings, with a member, or in the mail via our P.O box.  After CFARS has your application for membership, your information on the form will be checked to make sure that the form is complete and that you meet the requirements.  A member will nominate you, then all the members present will vote on your membership.  There are dues for each year, or even a lifetime membership.  Come to a meeting and find out more!

CFARS club membership dues are due and payable in January each year. CFARS does offer you the option to pay your dues no later than March. Yearly dues are $15.00. CFARS offers a lifetime membership option for $150.00. If your dues are not paid by March you will not be a voting member of the club. The right to vote on issues for the club comes with club membership.

Membership Form (pdf)