We've been going round and round with this jacket stuff. One company had the jacket and would do the embroidery, but not the sewing. Another company would not stock the jacket or do embroidery, but WOULD do the sewing. You get the idea.

Finally landed on American Uniform Sales Inc, 321 East Russell St., Fayetteville. They can order the jacket, do the sewing and embroidery for ~$25.00. My jacket as shown, a Cardinal Windbreaker Coaches Jacket, cost $24.00 plus tax.

You only have to provide the patches you wish to have sewn on. My jacket has the CFARS patch and the ARRL VEC patch.

If you want a jacket, suggest you do this: 1. If you don't already have one, our Treasurer, Chuck, KJ4RV, has the CFARS patch. Get one from him for $5.00. 2. Print a copy of the below photo. Then take it to American Uniform Sales and tell them you want one just like it (with or without the patches). You might want to substitute the ARES patch or something similar from the ARRL. 3. Decide what size you want and they'll take it from there and they expect payment in advance.

The jacket may take a week or two to fabricate, but they'll call you when it's ready or pick up.